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You Could Make a Difference

Seventy-two disciples! Who were they? Where were they from?

St. Luke doesn’t answer our questions. But the Gospel-truth is that seventy-two people accepted Jesus’ challenge and set to work as missionaries – setting out in pairs as messengers of peace, healing and hope.

“The seventy two came back rejoicing”, St. Luke tells us. And surely Jesus must have shared their joy. The seventy-two ordinary folk had achieved a victory beyond their wildest dreams. Mission accomplished.

Could such a success be repeated in our time? If Jesus walked into our church today and said I want help from you people -seventy-two are needed. If He said “I want you to bring peace to your homes, to give encouragement to the depressed, to speak words of comfort and consolation to the lonely. I want you to be angels of mercy”.

Just pause for a moment and try to appreciate how much need there is out there – so much pessimism, dejection and fear, afflicting our time.
And then remember we have the Good News.
“If Jesus walked into our Church today?”
But of course we know that He is present with us and that He is in fact urgently looking for helpers. 

Would you like to volunteer? You could make a difference.
And if seventy-two people gave a positive response!!!