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Candlemas Day- 2nd February

candleCandles (for church and home use) will be blessed at all the Masses. There has been a great tradition of people donating candles for church use. Suitable candles Boramix Beeswax size 7” x 1½ & Boramix ordinary candles size 9”. Candles can be left at the Parish Office or Sacristy & will be blessed onTuesday. Traditionally, this was the last day of the Christmas Season.

Presentation of the Lord Saturday February 2nd or Candlemas Day. Our Lady offered her Son to God in the Temple. As was the Jewish custom, she also offered pigeons, a sign of her purgation. Simeon was happy as he took the child in his arms and thanked God. Anna was also in the Temple and she believed and praised God.

Candles are blessed on this day to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.