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A staff is a sturdy walking stick necessary when walking on rough ground to help keep your balance when the going is tough. Bread could also be called the staff of life because for many cultures bread is a necessary part of their diet.

Today we celebrate the astonishing relationship between God and food. The use at Eucharist of bread is the symbol of food shared, and of the people of God as one body. The reminder is that without spiritual nourishment we will not get far. Jesus said ‘I am the Living Bread’. Don’t just hear the words but take them in. That is eat them, savour them.

The Law of God is not a set of dos and don’ts but a way of life that will lead us from the inside. We are what we eat in the physical realm, so too what we nourish ourselves with spiritually, makes us who we are.

After a meal it is easy to forget that the land plays an enormous part in our nourishment. We fail to give thanks. Fertile land is reduced to desert, water is polluted, crops are grown for money not food, animals are fed unnatural diets, human beings starve.

Eucharist – assembling together at the community table, unites us with God as our food, and requires an attitude of heart which accepts one loaf, one cup, one people -  The Body and Blood of Christ

 In our Living bless us with daily bread the Bread of Remembering- O God.