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During the post Resurrection season we can identify with the disciples who hid themselves in the upper room in fear even though Christ had risen from the dead.  In their disbelief and anxiety he came and stood amongst them and greeted them with a peaceful salutation rather than scold them for their disbelief but to assure them that he had risen.   We too can express that kind of fear in the midst of our uncontrollable anxieties that sometimes seem to imprison us.  We know that God is a God of love but he does not promise us a life free from pain, sickness, loneliness and even death. What he has promised is his assurance that in spite of all he is with us through these ordeals.


Cardinal Avery Dulles said ‘Jesus enables us to believe that human life with all it’s contradictions is the place where God is pre-eminently found. In such moments God gives us that inner strength to face up to the harsh realities of our fragmented world and to feel and transmit the breadth of God’s reconciling love. It enables us to look deep beyond the mystery of the crosses of life’.


We need to let the Holy Spirit in all it’s fullness to animate us with the means that will not allow us to succumb to adverse feelings of despair. Christ after all assures us ‘I am with you’. In times of difficulty when we are least prepared to accept our worldly challenges, God’s goodness beckons us to look beyond the trauma of disbelief.  Sometimes when the throes of despair haunt us and all other resources seem to fail, God is still with us carrying the crosses on our pilgrimage of life. His public ministry was a constant reminder that he is with us until the end of time, his ministry was to entrust to his disciples a message of love and compassion which is the hallmark of Christian living.