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Padre Pio is well renowned as being a modern Saint of miraculous powers and the worker of many miracles. Here is a short story detailing the great God-given power of this saintly Capuchin friar.

A married couple who couldn’t have children began to turn to Padre Pio so he could intercede for them before the Lord. Not long afterwards, the young woman became pregnant and was extremely worried she would lose the child. One night not long before she was due to give birth, she had a comforting dream. She was in the maternity operating room and before the gynecologist came in she saw a man with a beard standing in a comer of the room, looking at her and smiling. Then she woke up. Judging by photos that she had seen, she thought the man resembled Padre Pio. She spoke about her dream to everyone; for her it had become almost an obsession.

A few days later, a baby boy was born and all went perfectly well with no problems. After a few months, the happy mother started to plan a trip to San Giovanni Rotondo; for she wanted to see for herself if Padre Pio, whom they had prayed to, really did resemble the person she had seen in her dream, and if so to thank him. Her husband, seeing how fervent she was about the matter, tried to calm her down, and had repeatedly kept saying: “Don’t worry, it was all just a dream, just a dream–just a dream nothing else”.

At last, they made the trip. When they arrived at San Gio­vanni Rotondo the couple took their place in the cloister where Padre Pio would pass. When after a moment the Saint arrived, he stopped near the husband, looked at him kindly, and then gently patting his shoulder, and with a wide smile said in an ironic and somewhat amused tone: “So, it was all just a dream, eh?”.

This was the Testimony of Anna Baroni from Chiavari, given in Italy on 8/12/1994.

We invite you to come and pray with us at the annual Triduum to St. Pio of Pietrelcina to be held in the Friary this coming week, September 21st-23rd.

Masses begin each evening at 7:30 and on the Sunday evening there will be an opportunity for an individual blessing with the relic of St. Pio.


Come and seek the intercession of this powerful saint who promised to wait at the gate of Heaven for all his spiritual children. Miracles are waiting to happen. Come and Pray.