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A Night Prayer to Our Lady

Night has fallen dear mother, the long day is over.

Before your loving image I am kneeling once more, to thank you this day for keeping me safe, and ask you this night to keep evil away.

Many times I have fallen today, mother dear, many graces neglected since I last knelt here, and God in His mercy has counted them all, numbered each grace and counted each fall.

Will thou not, in pity, my own mother mild, ask Jesus to pardon the sins of thy child.

I am going to rest, the day’s work is done, its hours and its moments have passed one by one and if ere the dawn, I should draw my last breath, and the sleep that I sleep be the long sleep of death, be near me dear mother for Jesus sweet sake, when my soul on eternal shore should wake. Amen.


Ennis Parish is holding a special Triduum of prayer beginning on Thursday, October 19th at 7:30p.m. in the Cathedral. 

This event will be lead by the Redemptorist congregation from Limerick and will take place over the weekend of October 19th-22nd.

There will be many events including an anointing of the sick in St. Joseph’s Church on Saturday October 21st at 11:00. 

We invite you to come, to pray and to ask for our Lady’s intercession during these times of opportunity and to draw closer to our blessed Mother who shows us the way to Jesus.


The timetable for the Triduum is available in Church porches.