A Tribute to Fathers

Each person has a unique destiny in life. There is something that each of us has to do in the world. For each person there is a calling that gives focus and purpose to life. Today we celebrate fatherhood. We honour all fathers and we thank God for you.

 Fatherhood begins with the birth of a baby. As a father you know that this child has come from your spouse and yourself and is a gift from God to you both. With the birth of a baby there is born in you the full force of a father’s desire to protect and love your child. Day after day through your love, kindness and care you are teaching by example and passing on the values that your father gave to you. By your lived example you are developing your children’s minds and giving them the greatest gift you can offer. Realising the role and responsibility of fatherhood can be very daunting.

Being true to your calling of fatherhood calls for a generosity that can often experience suffering. It can be an experience of having one’s heart broken open. Being daily faithful in the midst of the trials, hurts, pain and disappointments of life is a challenge for the truly committed. In your faithful response to the vissitudes of life you mirror for your children the loving face of God and it through you and your spouse that your children will come to know the God who cares for them

We pray today for all the fathers of our parish and we ask God, our Heavenly Father, to bless you and help you to be faithful to your calling. May you be blessed in your children and in your children’s children and with your wife make your home a place of shelter and love. For where there is love God is present.