God’s Grandeur

“The world is charged with the splendour of God” The Resurrection of Jesus reaches its powerful climax with an out pouring of life, light and energy for his followers. After Jesus’ crucifixion this small group of men and women were hiding. They were afraid and had lost all heart and hope. But through the gift of the Holy Spirit they are filled with courage, enthusiasm and determination. Given new life and hope, they went out into the streets and market places and loudly and without fear, proclaimed the good news of the Resurrection; the missionary church is born as they were charged with the splendour of God.

It would be a mistake to think of ourselves today as being any different from these men and women. Through the grace of baptism and confirmation, each of us has been filled with the life and power of the same Holy Spirit. Today in our homes, parishes and communities, schools and places of work, we too are called to be living witnesses of Christ in and for the world.

We need not be worried or afraid of this great responsibility, for God has filled each of us with his own Spirit.

“You are my servant, whom I strengthen, in with whom I am well pleased, I have filled you with my spirit.’