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Unforgettable Nobodies

  The history of the Church is hallmarked by the impact of humble people who without making much publicity nonetheless their contribution has to be noted. Such people as Francis of Assisi, John Vianney, Mother Teresa, St. Therese of Lisieux, Catherine McAuley, Edmund Rice and many others who left legacies and are recorded in the annals of history. Even our present Pope Francis, an insignificant Jesuit priest later to be Cardinal and Pope, opted to live a simple lifestyle in a slum area of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


We cannot exclude the thousands of volunteers both at home and abroad who are involved at personal sacrifice to themselves. People who hear the cry of the poor and opt to take positive steps to help alleviate their difficulties. Undocumented are the countless carers who unceasingly tend for the physically and emotionally challenged. Little media attention is given to the efforts of a silent minority who make huge differences in the fractionalised world of today.

It was particularly noticeable during the recent Fleadh  the many volunteers who made a personal sacrifice to make the event such a success. The hidden forces that enable such projects are certainly the charism of a generous people here in Ireland at times of disaster such as was experienced during the heavy rains in parts of the North; the response from all sectors of the community was only an expression of responsibility and caring for those in need.

 Christ himself lived his ministry while on earth with a deep concern for the marginalised, the sick and deprived people. Scripture calls on us to prioritise our concerns for all peoples without distinction of creed and culture. We continue to salute the minority of the unforgettable nobodies that stand out at the forefront of a broken world.