Lost & Found

Published on September 6, 2010

It’s not only sheep and coins that get lost. Anything we lose often becomes more valuable once it is missing. People often get lost too.People can get lost in many ways, including addictions; others can’t hold down a job; some find it hard to hold down a stable relationship; others lack confidence to face the world outside.
We all know the joy we feel when we have found something that we have lost…

‘Once there was man who went for a walk in the Bog of Allen, in Co. Kildare.
He had been walking about half a mile when we spotted a worker’s hut. And as he approached the hut, he heard the bleat of a sheep. He looked around but saw nothing. Then he heard it again. He searched around until he found it, and behind the worker’s hut, there he saw a sheep, about ten feet down, stuck in a ditch.
He thought it would be a messy ordeal trying to rescue the sheep, but he also knew he couldn’t leave it there to die. He had to be careful, that he didn’t get stuck in the hole either. So he went looking in the worker’s hut, for tools to help him.

He found a spade and dug out the sheep, and lifted the sheep to safety.

As he was going home, he was no longer thinking about the trouble the sheep caused him, but only of the joy he felt at having saved a life. But the thing that that was most vivid in his mind was the cry of the sheep.
Without the cry, there would have been no happy ending, because he would never have known it’s plight.

It isn’t only sheep that fall into holes. People fall into them too. But they aren’t as smart as sheep…because often they are ashamed to ask, much less to cry for help.’
                                                                              (Story from Flor McCarthy SDB).