Cycle Against Suicide 2015.

Published on April 28, 2015

shoulder-to-shoulder-448x239The Cycle Against Suicide was an initiative first started by an Irish entrepreneur Jim Breen. The main purpose of the cycle is to raise awareness of the support services for people battling self harm, depression and those who have suffered from suicide. The 14 day cycle starts in Belfast and ends in Dublin. KD YC (Killaloe Diocesan Youth Council)  As a group we are getting together to cycle from Ennis to Limerick on the 2nd May, leaving Ennis Cathedral at 11.45am, to meet the cyclists and help to spread the message ‘it’s ok not to feel ok and it is absolutely ok to ask for help’. Please help support and spread the message. Together shoulder to shoulder we can break the cycle of suicide on the island of Ireland.