May Devotions in Honour of Our Lady

Published on April 26, 2019

May Devotions in honour of Our Lady
We encourage you to pray the Rosary, (even one decade), particularly during May.
Corrovorrin Crescent; Rosary daily, 7pm.
Gallows Hill; Rosary daily, 7pm.
Dalcassian Pk Grotto; Rosary daily, 7pm.
St. Michael’s Villas Grotto; Rosary daily, 7.30pm.
Hermitage Grotto; Rosary daily, 6.30pm
Marian Avenue Grotto; Rosary daily, 7pm

Bring Flowers of the Rarest
Bring flowers of the rarest
bring blossoms the fairest,
from gardens and woodlands
and hillside and dale;
Our full hearts are swelling,
our glad voices telling
the praise of the loveliest flower of the vale!