Guidance for Returning to Mass

Published on June 27, 2020

We are really delighted to welcome you back to Mass. The following guidance measures are to keep everybody safe and will constantly be reviewed.

  • Hand sanitisers are available at each Church. We ask you to avail of these as you enter and leave the Church.
  • We ask you to adhere to social distancing and follow signage.
  • Seats available for use will have signage. Please only sit on these seats. Families are welcome to sit together. Two people per seat from different household. (seated on either side of the seat).
  • Holy Communion will be brought to you. Please stand if you wish to receive. The Priest/Eucharistic Minister will wear a face shield and sanitise their hands before and after distributing Holy Communion.
  • Entry to the Cathedral will only be through the main door.
  • Exit using all doors.
  • When capacity of the Church is filled, a sign at the entry will state “Full capacity”.
  • The collection at weekends will take place as you enter the Church.
  • Holy water fonts are not currently in use.
  • The sign of peace is suspended.