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Ennis Parish Pastoral Council

Ennis Parish Pastoral Council is a decision making body, composed of lay people, priests and other religious, who take co-responsibility for pastoral planning and pastoral care within the Catholic Church in the Parish of Ennis.  The focus of the Pastoral Council is collaborative ministry, in other words all of us working together for the good of parish and sharing the responsibility.  The role of the Pastoral Council is to confirm, refine and co-ordinate the policy making, planning and management of the Pastoral, Administrative and Financial affairs of Ennis Parish.
Read more about the structure of the Pastoral Group here.   Any new items of news about the Pastoral Council will be posted here.

John Tunney, Elm Park is the Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council. <br />
John hales from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal and is married to Ennis native Mary Murphy.

Pastoral Council Minutes


Minutes of Pastoral Council meeting 29th April 2014

Minutes of Ennis Pastoral Council 25th March 2014

Minutes of 25th February 2014

Minutes of Pastoral Council 28th Jan 2014


Minutes of meeting of 26th November 2013

Minutes of meeting of 29th October 2013

Minutes of meeting of 24th September 2013

Minutes of 25th June 2013

Minutes of meeting on 28th May 2013

Minutes of 30th Aprill 2013

Minutes of 19th Feb 2013

Minutes of meeting of 29th January