Working with Children / Young People In Ennis Parish

Policy Statement

The Parish of Ennis, welcomes and encourages the participation of children, young people and adults in Parish life and activities. The Parish strives to create a safe environment for all involved.

Code of Conduct

  • Children, young People and Adults treat each other with respect.
  • All Children, Young People are treated fairly and equitably.
  • If a Child, Parent / Guardian is unhappy with any aspect of the child’s / young persons care, all aspects of any complaint will be considered by a third party.
  • Children, Young People and Adults will use respectful language.
  • Children, Young People and Adults will respect the individuals right to privacy.
  • The physical integrity of Children, Young People and Adults will be respected.
  • Children, Young People and Adults will respect the property and premises connected with Parish activities.
  • Children and Young People will not be given alcohol or illegal drugs, under any circumstances.

The above code is in accordance with “The Keeping Children Safe”, guidelines. (issued by the Diocese of Killaloe, March 2004).

Parish Representatives for ‘The Keeping Children Safe’: Angela Mc Mahon (St. Joseph’s & Friary); Mary Corey (Cloughleigh); Marian Coughlan Flynn (Cathedral)

Director of Safeguarding and Designated Officer: Cleo Yates – Tel: 065 682 8638 Option 6,
Mob: 086 809 6027, email: