Marriage and Baptism Register

Thanks to the work of The Clare Roots Society, the Ennis Parish (Drumcliff) Birth and Marriage Registers Indexes are available to search and download. Baptism Records are available from 1841 to 1900, and Marriage Records are available from 1837 to 1900.

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Mothers Maiden Surname
Year of Baptism
  • Marriage Register
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Parish Records Transcription Project

County Clare consists of 47 parishes with approximately 500,000 baptismal records dating from 1802 to1900. The commencement date for records varies from parish to parish. Civil Record of Births, Marriages and Deaths commenced in 1864. The earliest full census available is 1901. Outside of the land records the Parish Records remain the main source of Genealogical Data for 19th Century County Clare.

In its ongoing endeavour to make historical records freely available, Clare Roots Society undertook the work of digitally recording the 19th century Birth & Marriage Parish Indexes for Ennis Parish in the autumn of 2009. Ennis Parish records began in 1837 (marriages) and 1841 (baptisms). The records contain over 12,500 Baptismal entries and 2,960 Marriage entries. The Marriage records were transcribed by the Clare Roots Diaspora Group in Australia / Tasmania of Chris Goopy, David Kenny, Barry O'Shea, Anne Whitford, Frances Hudson, Stephen Richards, Kay Johansen Clarke, Ellen Crehan, Owen Goulding and Lorraine O'Brien. The Baptismal Records were transcribed by our volunteer team in Ennis of Fiona de Buitleir, Mary & Gerry McMahon, Karen Moore, Jennifer Morgan, and Regina Mullins.

It is important to remember that even in the best kept Parish Registers it is estimated that there was up to 30% omission rate. The dates shown are baptism dates, which normally took place within days of the birth. The work of recording the Index Books of other Parishes is on- going. The material will be of interest to the local community and to genealogists much further afield.

Clare Roots Society wish to thank Bishop Willie Walsh, Fr. Tom Hogan Adm., Ennis Parish Councils & the staff of Ennis Parish Office for assisting in this project and making the records freely available. We record our gratitude to those who undertook this work, and to Fiona de Buitleir & Chris Goopy who co-ordinated the two groups of volunteers. The Society makes special mention of Niamh Casey who commenced the work of transcribing Ennis Parish Records.

The correct copying of indexing from old manuscripts is fraught with difficulties. It is inevitable that mistakes will occur. While every effort has been made to record the index as accurately as possible, Clare Roots Society wishes to apologise to any individual or family whose family records are recorded inaccurately. Should any family or individual become aware of errors in these records, please contact to have them amended.

Additional Resources

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