Religious Orders

The Parish of Ennis is fortunate in having four Religious Congregations in ministry. all of these having dedicated their lives to God through prayers and service.

The Christian Brothers give of their time in education and sport. They are also involved in Adult Religious Education – Bible study. Read more

The Sisters of Mercy were also involved in teaching and nursing. In latter years, though a minority are in their original ministries. Sisters are now involved in social work, Parish ministry and working with the marginalised.
A Sister of mercy who made her final profession during the past year, she is a solicitor and barrister and has an office in Dublin informing the marginalised on their rights.The elderly sister, by their life of Prayer are pillars on which the Congregations stands. Read more

The Poor Clare Sisters are a Comtemplative Order. Their day consists of Prayer, manual work and listening to those who come to them in times of difficulty. Read more

The Sisters of Joseph have come to reside in Ennis during the past decade. These Sisters are working in Parish ministry and in helping and welcoming our many imigrants. They also prepare adult imigrants for the Sacraments. Read more