Sisters of Mercy

St. Xavier’s Convent, Clonroad, Ennis

The Sisters of Mercy were founded by Ven. Catherine Mc Auley in 1831. In 1854, at the request of Dean Kenny, six Sisters of Mercy from Limerick came to establish a convent in Ennis. On May 29th the Sisters took up residence in St. Xavier’s Convent, Arthur’s Row. They started immediately on the apostolate of teaching and visitation of the sick in their homes and hospitals. Today, we have 58 Sisters of Mercy in the town involved in the ministries of: · Prayer · Education · Health Care · Parish Work · Visitation


While the first priority of every Sister of Mercy is prayer the retired Sisters in St. Xavier’s make this their principal apostolate.


The Sisters are involved in the education of primary, post primary and marginalised children in the following schools:
Holy Family Junior School tel. 065 682 9808
Holy Family Senior School tel. 065 682 8893
Holy Family Senior School tel. 065 682 8893
Coláiste Muire Post Primary tel. 065 682 9497
St. Clare’s School tel. 065 682 1899

Health Care

Continuing our involvement in Health Care we have Sisters working in
St. Joseph’s Hospital tel. 065 684 0666
Bushy Park Treatment Centre tel. 065 684 0944

Parish Work

Baptismal Team led by Sr. Madeleine.
Contact through Parish Office 065 682 4043
Voluntary Work in Ennis Parish


As visitation was always a special part of the work of the Sisters of Mercy, we continue to visit the elderly, the sick and lonely in their homes and in the hospitals. Holy Communion is brought to the housebound when requested. We also visit the bereaved and marginalised and look after the needs of the less well off who call to our door. Contact 065 682 8024.

The Stained Glass Window by Meyer & Co. Munich 1869 depicting the Corporal Works of Mercy which were and are the main focus of the work of the Sisters of Mercy.