Marriage is a beautiful sacrament where a couple proclaim their unconditional love for each other in the presence of God, by promising life long commitment, commitment that excepts each other as they are, faults and failings, for better for worse in good times and bad all the days of their lives.
What makes the sacrament of marriage beautiful and unique from all the other sacraments is that the couple confer the sacrament on each other and are not reliant on a priest or any other minister.
The couple proclaim their love for each other in the presence of God with the Priest and their family and friends as witnesses, truly a rich and wonderful ceremony.
Marriage brings a couple on an exciting and unknown journey, where as the relationship deepens and grows, changes and develops, it reflects God’s unconditional love for us.Love consists of this:
“It is not we who love God,
But God loved us and sent his son
To expiate our sins.
My dear friends,
If God loved us so much,
We too should love one another.
No one has ever seen God,
But as long as we love one another
God remains in us
And his love comes to its perfection in us. John 4 1 -13

Marriage is a tapestry where the threads and patterns of a couples lives are interwoven with the beautiful colours of love and commitment. A work in progress, with God’s loving hands guiding and directing the richness of pattern through the sacrament of marriage.

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