Return of Public Worship – The Path Ahead

Published on May 7, 2021

This Monday 10th May, we will resume public worship. Many have found the last four and a half months of not being able to gather with
people for Eucharist in our churches since St. Stephen’s Day very difficult.
Our parish is deeply grateful to the many volunteers and stewards and those who have sanitised and maintained our churches to a very high standard over the last year so that we can all gather safely and joyfully for Mass.
We look forward to welcoming you once again.

Mass Attendance
Churches will be open for the public to return to Mass on Monday 10th May. A maximum of 50 people can attend except where the size of
the church has a capacity of greater than 50, like the Cathedral.
The sacrament will be available in the Cathedral from Monday to Friday, 7pm to 7.25pm. Saturday after 6.30pm Vigil Mass