May has traditionally been regarded as Mary’s Special Month.  This year Pope Francis has asked us to use our time of social isolation and cocooning to pray the Rosary. The Parish of Ennis is blessed to have so many Marian Shrines dedicated to Mary, God’s Mother, and our Mother.

Each year there has been the tradition of neighbours gathering at these Grottoes to pray the Rosary. This year this is not possible due to Covid19. So we invite you to join us here in the Cathedral each weekday after 11am & 7.30pm Masses, on Saturday after 11am & 6.30pm Masses, and on Sunday after 9.30am & 11.30am Masses to pray the Rosary.

As we pray our Rosary during the month of May, let us ask Mary to Bless us her children, Flowers of the May.