The first interment of ashes has taken place in our new columbarium which was approved by the Pastoral and Finance Committees of Ennis Parish last year and consecrated as a place of rest by Bishop Fintan on 21st October 2021.

Located in the Mortuary Chapel, there are 240 niches. Each niche will accommodate one urn with the ashes of one person and to date over half of the niches have been reserved.

The front of the vault depicts a cross with fish and doves. The inspiration for the design comes from the bell of St Senan found on Scattery Island off the coast of Kilrush.  The fish is one of the oldest symbols used by Christians while the dove represents the Holy Spirit.

Michael Fitzgerald, whose ashes were the first to be interred in the Columbarium on 6th November 2021, had made the decision with his wife Ann and his family that he would be cremated and interred in the Cathedral. Mary Quinn, who was married to Ann Fitzgerald’s brother Jim and who died in London in May 2019, was also interred at the same ceremony.