Ennis National School

Principal: Brian Troy
Ennis, Co Clare
V95 DE44
Phone: 065 68 29158
Email: info@ennisns.ie
Website: www.ennisns.ie

Ennis National School is a co-educational Catholic primary school. Our mission is to create a friendly school where the focus is on supporting children and their learning. The heartbeat of our school is driven by the enthusiasm of our staff and a desire for every pupil to achieve. In Ennis National School, our Catholic ethos is characterised by our caring spirit, our commitment to pupil and teacher learning, and the provision of a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. The school rich in tradition and the qualities of commitment, dedication, professionalism and volunteerism are alive and well. In Ennis National School, we hope that your child will be excited and stimulated by learning, will celebrate success, and will participate in many of our activities including school performances, school choir, school teams, school band, school quizzes, games, art and more.

Our school has twenty four mainstream classes and a Reading Class. There are three class groupings of approximately 27 pupils at each class level from Junior Infants to Sixth class. Class teachers are responsible for the children’s welfare and delivery of the curriculum. Work is planned jointly by the three teachers at each class level. By drawing on their individual experiences, knowledge and expertise, class teachers at each class level ensure work is well matched to meet the needs of the children.

We are fortunate to have a very dynamic Special Education Team in Ennis National School. The Learning Support, Resource, Language Support teachers and Special Needs Assistants enhance, support, individualise and supplement our pupils’ classroom-based learning.

The Reading Class caters for 5th/6th class children in Co. Clare who have a specific Learning Difficulty/dyslexia. There are places for nine students in the class. Students work intensively on literacy and numeracy in the Reading Class, at a level that is appropriate to their needs, and using methods suitable for dyslexia.

There is ongoing close liaison, communication and support between staff throughout the school. In this way, we are able to utilise the strengths of a large staff team and enhance the quality of learning and teaching at Ennis National School.

Ennis National School has a strong connection with our parents and our local community. We view education as a joint venture, involving everyone – children, parents, staff and the wider community. Our staff co-operate and work exceptionally well with the wider school community in providing opportunities for participation and involvement in rewarding and worthwhile activities. To deliver on this, we work closely with organisations including our Parents Association, Parish Personnel, Town Council Officers, Community Games Association and many local clubs.