Praying with The Sower

In the Gospel for this Sunday, Jesus touches the hearts of us listeners by using the image of a grain of wheat to show the necessity of death as a pathway or opportunity for new life.  This journey from life to new life is through the process of letting go.

In the darkness of the earth, a seed is buried and then sheds its husk, germinates and leaves behind its old self.  In this image we are reminded that a new harvest requires the splitting of the husk to release the seed. 


Take time to sit and imagine The Sower

‘I tell you most solemnly,

unless a grain of wheat falls

on the ground and dies,

it remains only a single grain;

but if it dies,

it yields a rich harvest’. John 2



Reflect on the colours, shapes,

and textures of the seeds!


 What is God saying to me

through this image?

Gracious God, giver of life.  During this Lenten season You invite me to let go and leave behind all that stunts my growth and my relationship with You and others. You call me to allow the seeds of new life to break open within me so that I may joyfully spread Your word through my words and actions.


May I rejoice in the growth coming from God that I experience daily-

 through my family

    through those I meet

         through those whose books I read

              through those whose art enlightens me.

 And Lord be there in those moments when for me life will be changed but not taken away, so that I can move into the new with a grateful heart.   Amen